Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ruzaini Ramli

Special dedication to my hubby 

I want to be that girl who he can take to his mother's house and make her smile, that girl he can't stop dreaming, talking or smiling about, the girl that always there for him when he needs me, the girl who brings out that faithful side of him, the girl who makes him laugh, the girl he can pick out of millions and say she's the one that I want in my life. The girl his trust heart with, I want to be his wife one day who he can love unconditionly, but most importantly I want to be with him built our life together, have kids, grow older together and we still blessing in love till jannah. InshaALLAH :) 

I may not the best girlfriend you have ever experienced with but I can guarantee you that I will always love you for the way you are, I will give all my heart for you family, your mom, your sisters and brothers. Do you know abang? Everytime after I've done my prayer. I dedicate Yassin and Al Fatihah for your late father. Yes. I always do that since the first time you told me that you have lost your dad. I felt sad too there's nothing I can do to make you happy and cheerful but I know you are a strong healthy young man who can stand on his own feet proudly :)

You know what abang? Dari dulu abang inspirasi sayang! 

I'm sorry for my miss behaving this couple of days, maybe terlalu rindu sampai macam ni. I hope you ok with me. Hihi! Sorry if I made you mad for certain things. I'm so grateful having you in my life. Honestly for me abang, you are the best blessing God ever gave to me. Alhamdulillah.

Abang.. I'm still trying to be more matured and always smile. Its kinda hard at the beginning but trust me I'm getting it soon. Its not easy for me to change 360 degree to new me who is more INDEPENDENT in life, decide my own life and most importantly matured enough to think beyond my expectation. 

(Your lover)

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